About Me

My name is Ahmad Hajjar, I have been developing software for a while now, and until now I still feel like a child when I experience a new awesome technology, and every time I solve a challenge I feel like I’ve got a new baby (even I don’t have any 😀 ) programming for me is a passion. I have been always eager to learn new stuff and to contribute in new projects.

As a small introduction, I am a Software Engineer, which means that I like everything to be organised and set on papers (or e-paper like Evernote or Sticky Notes). I like everything to be documented. Yet I am agile and tend deliver the best in the suggested time frame. I love to say what is going on in my mind, even if you don’t like it, of course it is not personal 😀 but saying YES all the time does not solve any thing, and you have to hear the word NO sometimes ;).

Throughout my work, I have had the opportunity to hone my skills, in programming languages most importantly PHP and Java ,software design concepts, Web technologies, RESTful APIs, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing, and more tools and technologies. However, I do not think the technology is what matters for a software engineers; it is the way how software engineers think and analyse, it is the thing that matters.

My Story

All the story began in 1999 when I was 14 years old, my father’s cousin was writing a program for my father’s shop, I used to sit next to him and watch what was he doing, he wrote strange words and statements.

Once I asked him: “what is this i=i+1? it does not make any sense!!” …. O.o “You will not understand it even if I explained to you!” he replied, at that point I felt like he was challenging me to write Visual Basic programs. Then I went to a book store, bought a book Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and I stole the Visual Studio CDs from his (my father’s cousin’s) drawer and I installed it on my PC and got started.

Actually, it was only the beginning, in the next three years I learned too many things about programming (self-teaching), then in the university I started to learn more academic methods to get things done, OOP and design, analysis, algorithms, projects management and more.

Visual Basic was only my key to enter this world, I think that any programming language is a tool, a language is a language, no matter how hard or easy it is nor how powerful or weak it is, what matters is the way we think as developers, if you think right, you code right.

Then I started working in the business market to prove my theory about programming languages, it is the programmer not the programming language that get things done, it may affect how long it took you to write a program but it should not affect the quality.

Of course, it is not only about programming and tech, I like fun things like photography and beer 😀
Me (not programming) :P

Me (not programming) 😛

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